Transport of
exceptional consignments

Exceptional consignments are shipments that, on a certain railway line on which they are transported or used, exceed the loading gauge and/or the permissible axle mass and/or the permissible mass per meter and/or their structural, technical or other properties do not meet the prescribed conditions, as well as consignments which for some other reason require special transport and technical conditions.

Exceptional consignments are considered to be the following:


Cargo that exceeds the loading gauge on the transport route or one part of the transport route



Cargo that is not secured according to the guidelines prescribed by the International Union of Railways (UIC) and cargo for which there is no other equally valid way of safekeeping



Solid cargo units loaded on more than one wagon with bogies



Flexible cargo units loaded on more than two wagons without bogies



Shipments that exceed the permitted mass of the vehicle per axle and/or per meter by more than 2% of the vehicle’s own mass (tare) on the entire transport route, on one or more parts of the transport route



A vehicle that is loaded beyond the permitted loading limit



A vehicle that is transported by ferry on one part of the transport route and cannot safely cross the largest vertical angle of inclination of the transition curve on the ferry



A loaded or empty vehicle that does not have a sign that its transportation is allowed or limited


A loaded wagon with more than three axles per bogie


A cargo unit that is transported on different track widths on the transport route and that cannot be transported to the destination station without transshipment, and whose mass is greater than 25 tons or that is loaded on low-floor wagons


An empty or loaded wagon whose regular maintenance period, which was registered in the vehicle maintenance grid, has expired


Consignments that must be transported according to special traffic and technical conditions for the safe execution and management of traffic.

The consignor must state or attach the following to the request:

A) A request for the transport of exceptional consignments that exceed the loading gauge


Name and address


Intended loading date of the consignment


Departure and destination station, transport route, and the country of destination in the case of export shipments, border stations and customs stations where exceptional consignments can be cleared through customs


Names of railway operators in international transport


Loading and unloading point including the industrial or manipulative track, with a special indication if the contact network will cause interference during the loading or unloading process



Data on the type of cargo with its horizontal and vertical projection, on which the measurements that make up its dimensions in the longitudinal section and in all necessary cross sections are indicated. The blueprints must be on a scale of 1:20 or 1:25.


Cargo weight (t)


Center of mass of the cargo or the center of mass of each part of the cargo if the cargo unit consists of several parts, as well as the fulcrum of the consignment


Statement if the consignment will be accompanied by an attendant

B) Request for the transport of exceptional consignments of vehicles on their own wheels

In addition to the information specified in point A), under points a), b), c), d) and i), the following information must also be provided in the request:


Type of the vehicle and its series


Cargo weight (t)


Length of the vehicle over the bumper (mm)


Mass per running meter (t/m)


Number of axles and weight per axle (t/axle)


Distance between the end axles or the distance between the pivots of the bogies (mm)



Distance between axles inside the bogie (mm)


Characteristics that do not correspond to the conditions of technical unity and technical regulations for wagons from the RID regulations


Maximum speed allowed when driving in the same direction and when turning, both as a towed vehicle and during self-powered transportation (km/h)


Dimensions of the vehicle, if necessary with a drawing showing its longitudinal and cross section with the necessary measurements (mm)


The smallest turning radius that the vehicle can pass through and information on brakes

The consignor is obliged to submit other data or documents related to vehicles to HŽ Cargo if it is required by the railways on the parcels's transport route.

C) Request for the transport of other exceptional consignments

In the request, it is necessary to provide all the information specified in point A), but it is not necessary to attach the draft from point A) subpoint f).


For the transport of exceptional consignments in domestic and international transport, it is necessary to obtain a written permit beforehand. To obtain a written permit, the consignor should submit a written request directly or at the shipping station to the following address:

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